Features and characteristics:

  • Malawi produces refined (white) sugar and unrefined (brown) sugar; industrial sugar; and syrups, including golden, traditional, maple, and caramel syrups.
  • Malawi sugar is fortified with Vitamin E

sugar largeVarieties:

  • 10 varieties of Sugarcane are grown in Malawi with N14 being the most commonly used variety because of having a high potential dual value crop and high plant population, as well as increased leaf area index which can be used for carbon credits trading and also green house gas emissions




  • Consumption sweetener; an ingredient in the production of confectioneries and beverages; alcoholic beverage production; Rum; Syrup. Our sugar is sweeter which makes it highly demanded.

Role and Status in Malawi Export:

  • Sugar is one of the key export products for Malawi. Since 2000 sugar has overtaken tea to become the second largest export product and comprises 9.5% of Malawi’s total exports.

Sugar Producers


  • The main sugar producer is Illovo Malawi. However new producers are entering the market such as Ntalimanja Holdings, Kasinthula and Dwangwa Cane Growers Association.

Location, Topography

  • Malawi produces high sucrose sugar. Uniquely, Malawi has favourable climatic conditions which ensures year round cultivation of sugarcane suitable for the crop and ensures sugar is harvestable within a year.

Production and Supply Capacity

  • The annual production of sugarcane in Malawi guarantees that Malawi’s sugar is readily and sustainably available on both domestic and international markets.
  • Malawi produces on average 300,000 metric tonnes of sugar annually and export about 97% of the total production.