Market News Resource

ITC's Market Insider Service

The International Trade Centre’s Market Insider service provides real time market intelligence on a range of product sectors and themes of critical importance for sustainable international business development. Some of the sectors covered include Edible nuts; Floriculture; Fruit juices, pulps and purees; and Tropical and off-season fresh fruits and vegetables. Access here Market Insider.

Grain Market News

Grain Market News provides market news and daily prices on various agricultural commodities including wheat, rice corn and soybean. Access here the Grain Market News.

Spices Market News

Spices Market News provides market news and daily prices on various spices including pepper, turmeric, chili, and coriander. Click here to access Spices Market News.

CBI Market Intelligence Service

The CBI Market Intelligence Portfolio provides up-to-date EU market insights. It is a valuable source of intelligence for exporters to prepare and maintain their export marketing activities. The service covers information on market trends, competition, market channels and segments, product facts, and buyer requirements, among other information. Click here to access the CBI Market Intelligence Service.

Informa Agra

Informa Agra provides current market and business information on agriculture, food policy, markets and trade. It publishes a range of information products and services including Agra Europe, Animal Pharm, Dairy Markets, Food News, Food Chemical News, Agrow, International Sugar Journal, The Public Ledger as well as special one off reports on industry outlooks and trends and copany analysis, covering crop protection, animal health, soft commodities, agribusiness and policy, and biofuels and renewables. Access here Informa Agra resources

The Public Ledger

The Public Ledger is one of the various information service and products of Informa Agra, offering reports on market news, analysis and prices for more than 700 commodities, including grains, oils & oilseeds, feeds and softs, and specialist commodities such as dried fruit & nuts, spices, essential oils and honey. The Public Ledger also provides insights into biofuels, biotechnology, commodity exchanges, weather and freight. Visit Public Ledger