Specific Complaints Institution(s) Involved
Tax on exports (Timber - Duty on timber too high at 50%?) MoF
More doc s required- permit, licence, SPS etc Various
Delay of issuance of licenses.Permit/licence approval centralised (i.e. Documents can only be obtained in LL) delays consignments and adds extra cost. centralised processing not convenient as they have to travel very long distances compared to the distance where goods are  being shipped to MoIT, MCCCI, MoAIWD, Dept of Forestry
Numerous road blocks by Police and MRA. Police more oftenfaulting documents which they don’t understand. Road blocks delays are a hindrance for perishable exports including day old chicks Malawi Police& MRA
Delays to inspect off loading of goods by MRA inspectors MRA
Delay of approval of CD1 Forms RBM
Lack of accreditation Malawi Labs make our products perceived as inferior in South Africa and Zimbabwe. Testing has to be done outside Malawi causing long delays and adding extra cost MBS
Delays in DPC (Custom System) approval system – blamed on fewer officers and system failure MRA
MBS demand for prompt huge cess fee payment at the border not convenient(Is this for import or export?) MBS
Multiple competing agencies at borders. Non cooperation by border agencies and absenteeism by some officers causes delays at the border Border Agencies
Inconsistence behaviour of officials – demanding  SME to pay cess fee on each of their  mixed goods package MBS
Integrity certification; illegal payments, corruption; questionable valuations Border Agencies
Confusing roles of Police and MRA;  Too many government agencies along the export/import chain

Border Agencies


Multiple certification authorities on a single product e.g. fish  
poor infrastructure e.g. ESCOM and ICT down  
Costly or Delays to get SPS certificates or export licences due to distance or failure to find officers in offices. MoAIWD
MBS sample same product from same producer and exporter  again and again even if they are on one truck hired by  4 importers each person will have his share sampled MBS
Export bans MoIT
Sugar pricing regime/monopoly hurt the confectionery industry –expensive and difficult to compete in foreign markets- Lost vibrant business in Zimbabwe SADC/COMESA
Buyer licence requirements in Zimbabwe is trade restrictive and demands high charges Zimbabwe
Mozambique: many road charges; port congestion; high cost of transit bonds; varying tpt charges; unofficial check points, escort fees & delays Mozambique
Quota restrictions prevalent; licensing requirements in Zimbabwe; Pre-shipment/sample requirements  coupled with port inspections in Kenya  are subjectively perceived and also result in demurrage charges SADC/COMESA
Export documents not harmonised with neighbouring countries –eg SPS, fumigation certificates expiry dates less than transportation period GOM
Lack of information on bilateral agreements contents GOM